Webinar Resources

2022-2024 Webinars

18/01/23: Target Ovarian Cancer: Clinician and Patient Perspectives

Dr Pawan Randev (GP) and Helen Barker (patient representative)

13/10/22: Baby Loss Awareness Week: Supporting those affected by pregnancy and baby loss

Munira Oza – Director of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

2020-2022 Webinars

BUSOG Webinar 1: Pregnancy in the time of Covid-19

Dr Mike Rimmer – Academic’s perspective

Dr Nimarta Idnani – Clinician’s perspective

Emma Crookes – Patient’s perspective

BUSOG Webinar 2: Pregnancy in the time of Covid-1

Dr Lizzy Von Westerholt and Dr Jess Hanlon

BUSOG Webinar Series 3: Preeclampsia From the Perspective of Patients & Clinicians

Dr Kelly-Ann Eastwood and Ms Alice Clements

BUSOG Webinar Series 4: Pregestational Diabetes

Dr Matthew Coleman and Ms Emma Doble

BUSOG Webinar Series 6: Urogynaecology

A Fistula Pilgrims Journey

Resource list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v6a1msCeC-jbxipP1tMSvYoMwxBxIz2N/view?usp=sharing

DSc Thesis Abstract: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QlSV05MvrNKsIAE9MWUXTnt9B0dwn73m/view?usp=sharing

Unheard voices in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Catherine Glew from St Mungo’s Community Housing Association who will be talking about issues experienced by homeless women.

Susan Bewley will be showcasing her extensive experience in the field of domestic and sexual violence. Her talk will take the form of a discussion based on her co-edited book “The ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence”.