National Committee

The new committee came into office in May 2020 and will run for two years. We have big plans to continue and expand upon the great wOrk done in previous years, so stay tuned for updates!

Meet the team

Our Mission 2020-2022

Our goal is to bring you more information and opportunities than ever before to help you discover what a career in O&G could be like for you. This year, we aim to launch a resource hub including revision resources, intercalation opportunities and an electives database. Keep an eye of the new podcast series too!

President: Anna Harvey

Anna is returning to her final year of medical school at King’s College London in August 2020 having spent the last year working full time at the BMJ as Editorial Scholar, where she oversaw all the content the BMJ produces for students. Her particular clinical interests are in pregnancy and complex social factors, maternal and foetal medicine and assisted reproduction.

She also has an interest in medical education and sits on the National Widening Participation Working Group, as well as creating education resources for medtech startup Medics.Academy. Outside of medicine, Anna can usually be found in one of London’s independent music venues or running somewhere very slowly.

To contact Anna, email [email protected]

Vice President: Harry Philips

Harry is beginning his final year of at the university of Plymouth. His interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology stemmed from his work experience pre-medical school and since starting medical school this interest has only grown. He has completed optional modules in  Management of the NHS and Medical education, the latter of which he has received a qualification in. His main interests are in foetal and maternal medicine as well as acute labour ward. He has completed optional night shifts on labour ward and has found these to be of invaluable experience. He has also completed an elective in peri-natal mental health which has shown him how to look at women’s health in a more holistic way.

Harry has spent the last 3 years as ambassador for BUSOG at Plymouth and is now stepping up to the national committee where he hopes to continue on the trajectory set by the previous committee. 

To contact Harry, email [email protected]

Secretary: Dania Badran

Dania is due to start her final year at Imperial College and a former president of the Imperial College O&G Society. She completed an intercalated degree in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences, with a project on endometrial transplantation in Tokyo. Within O&G, her interests lie in fertility medicine and high-risk pregnancy. In her spare time, Dania loves to bake and travel.

To contact Dania, email [email protected]

Media Officer: Jack Teh

Jack is due to start his final year at Imperial College London having completed an intercalated BSc in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences. His academic interests include maternal and reproductive medicine.

Previously, Jack completed a specialty choice placement in general gynaecology at St Mary’s Hospital. He observed a range of minimally invasive gynaecological surgeries and undertook a project evaluating the management of tubo-ovarian abscess. Outside of his clinical studies, his interests lie on medical education and social media outreach.

Over the next two years, he aims to use the BUSOG social media platforms to establish a community of budding medical students interested in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In his spare time, he enjoys road, cross country and trail running.

To contact Jack, email [email protected]


Events Officers: Katrina Friemane

Katrina begins her fourth year at Queen’s University Belfast in August 2020. Katrina is passionate about medical research and would like to pursue a career as a clinical scientist. Her main interests lie within maternal and fetal medicine, with a recently completed intercalated MSc during which she looked into the pathophysiology and potential biomarkers for pre-eclampsia in pre-gestationally diabetic women.

Having moved to the UK from Latvia to study medicine, Katrina is also a keen believer in the value of national and international collaborations in healthcare and medical research, and would like to dedicate her time in the BUSOG national committee to establishing a stronger BUSOG presence for medical students in Northern Ireland. In her spare time, Katrina enjoys hiking and learning French.
To contact Katrina, email [email protected]

Events Officers: Molly Kavanagh

Molly is going into her fourth year at the University of Nottingham. Her key interests are the social and political determinants of health, particularly how this affects women. Molly’s interest in the cultural, social and historical significance of O+G and its role in the gender equality movement has informed her passion for improving access to this area of care amongst marginalised communities, as well as improving education about sexual health within the general population. She teaches sex education classes at local schools, and has written blog posts for companies involved in sexual health.

Molly has recently set up a new charity assisting displaced healthcare professionals in their journeys to qualifying in the UK. In her free time, Molly’s hobbies include going out, skincare, and reading.

To contact Katrina, email [email protected]

Pre-Specialty Officer: Dr Shobini Sukumaran

Shobini is currently an F1 doctor at Luton and Dunstable Hospital. She graduated from University of Birmingham in 2019 and completed an intercalated BSc in Women’s Health at King’s College London between 2016-17.

Shobini’s main interests lie in maternal and fetal medicine, preterm birth and pregnancy loss. Her BSc project focused on socioeconomic risk factors for preterm birth, particularly the role of smoking, domestic violence, and deprivation. During her elective in Singapore, she reviewed cases of successful delayed-interval delivery in twins in the presence of clinical chorioamnionitis, a controversial approach to rescuing high risk pregnancies.

In her spare time, Shobini enjoys singing at her local spiritual centre, running and practising yoga/meditation.

Her main goal for the society over the next two years, in her newly established role include building a well-connected, integrated undergraduate and postgraduate network, providing new opportunities for members to share their enthusiasm for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

To contact Shobini, please email: [email protected]