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Upcoming Events

8/12/22: An Evening of Women’s Health (Barts and University of London)

Barts and the London O&G society is bringing an amazing event “An evening of Women’s health”. We will be hearing a talk from an academic clinician who specializes in Women’s Health – Dr. Jahnavi Daru. After this, we will engage in an interactive abortion panel where we can delve further into reproductive rights and current issues faced by women today. We cannot wait to see you there!

15/12/22: Women’s Health Research Showcase (Queen Mary, University of London)

There is another interesting event taking place in London, Queen Mary Mile End Campus on Thursday 15th December at 1-4:30pm. If you are in the area, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcome!! It is a great opportunity for networking and learning about research opportunities at the women’s health research unit. Don’t forget to register:

29/11/22: A Career in O&G (Queen Mary, University of London)

Barts and the London O&G Society is hosting their first talk of the year, live in the Milton lecture theatre, Garrod Building, Whitechapel Campus. It’s on Tuesday 29th November at 6pm. If you are in London, come along to see Ms Elena Greco, a specialist in fetal medicine and obstetrics at Royal London hospital. She is going to speak to us about embarking on a career in O&G. If you think this event is important for a future career in O&G, don’t hesitate to advertise it!! Check it out on our socials: .

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