Commitee alumini

We would like to thank all the predecessors for their hardwork during their time as a committe in BUSOG.

We wish all the best to them in their careers!

My time as the President of BUSOG was unparalleled, giving me amazing opportunities to work with the RCOG, providing the undergraduate perspective. Working with a motivated and like-minded committee gave the society novel and exciting direction and interacting with our engaging members at Medical Students Day was particularly special. I have gained so much from BUSOG and I am excited to see where the next committee can take it. Best of luck.

Dr Charlotte Williams , BUSOG president 2018-2020

As General Secretary of BUSOG, I was able to network with like minded individuals with an interest in Women’s Health. The role was extremely rewarding and allowed me to develop my leadership, organisational and communication skills. I thoroughly look forward to seeing what the new committee has in store.  

Dr Kayleigh Gibbs, BUSOG secretary 2018-2020

I have really enjoyed my two years as events coordinator for BUSOG! Through organising symposiums and conferences, I have had the opportunity to not only meet experts within the O&G field but also wonderful medical students and junior doctors with exciting projects and ideas for the future. Being part of BUSOG has has really broadened my insight into the field and I’m looking forward to starting my training this year.

Dr Niyati Sodani, BUSOG Events Officer 2018-2020

Committee 2020-2022

President – Dr Anna Harvey
Vice President – Dr Harry Philips
Secretary – Dr Dania Badran
Media Officer – Dr Jack Teh
Events Officer – Dr Katrina Friemane and Dr Molly Kavanagh
Pre-Specialty Officery – Dr Shobini Sukumaran

Committee 2018-2020

President – Dr Charlotte Williams
Secretary – Dr Kayleigh Gibbs
Treasurer – Dr Sarah Adams
Events Officer – Dr Niyati Sodani

Committee 2016-2018

President – Dr Elizabeth Thorne
Secretary – Dr Christina Whitehead
Treasurer/IT developer – Dr Georgina Smart
Events Officer – Dr Shilpa Sisodia

Committee 2012-2014

President – Dr Lamis Latif
Secretary – Dr Sophie Scandrett
Treasurer – Dr Helen Young
Events Officer – Dr Maitri Shila Tursini